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About Us

Bellmont Elementary

Our mission at North Adams Community Schools is: Excellence.

Bellmont Elementary School serves students in grades preschool-fifth grade. We are proud of our school, faculty, students and staff. Each staff member of our great school district is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible to each student that we have the responsibility to care for.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and productive educational experience that is filled with both happiness and success. We value our parent involvement and support our parents in becoming familiar with our facilities, principal, teachers, and staff. We believe it is our role to serve you and we value the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere for our parents and families at all times. 

We believe in teamwork. Our teachers and staff are always available to support our parents and students, and we believe that the key to success and excellence is working together to achieve it. We are proud of our parents, students and staff for their positive attitudes and the support they provide in helping our students' academic, social, and emotional performance. 

Providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students, with the resources and support to succeed, is our priority. We offer a number of programs and academic support services to meet the individual needs of each child. We encourage you to learn about our programs and services, ask questions, and see our student's success in action.

We invite you to visit our school at any time. A scheduled appointment is convenient but not necessary. If we can help answer any questions for you as you make decisions in the best interest of making your child's education easier, we welcome you to contact us. We may be contacted at 260-724-3137 or Contact Us by email and we will be happy to assist you. We are pleased to serve you.

Yours in excellence,

Aaron Baker, principal