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Congratulations! Your child has reached a special milestone in their life where you both will be actively immersed in limitless academic and social growth. It's been said, "In no other grade will your child learn more than what they will learn in kindergarten" and that could not be more true. Your child will grow in reading and literacy, develop a passion for mathematics, inquisitively seek out answers in a science-filled center, and learn about themselves and others while building character and personality for the years ahead. It is such a fun time and we are proud to welcome your student to kindergarten.

We offer a 5 day a week, full day kindergarten program for all students that will turn 5 or older on or before August 1st. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to foster the same caring, nurturing environment for your child that they receive at home . . .  with lots of really exciting learning taking place, too!

Through our Food and Nutrition Services Department, all students that attend Bellmont Elementary School will receive free breakfast and lunch at school each day. 

It's an exciting time! We consider it an honor to serve your family and students. Should you have any questions or require any assistance in enrollment, please contact Bellmont Elementary School at 260-724-3137.

Thank you for choosing North Adams Community Schools! 

Preparing for Kindergarten

Whether you are undecided about whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten or not, or just planning for an exciting upcoming year after preschool, we have some tips on things you can do to help your child successfully transition into kindergarten. 

Pre-Kindergarten Skills to Work On:

  • Print your first name [start with an upper case letter and the rest are lower case letters]
  • Recognize your first name
  • Recognize and name the 8 basic colors
  • Know how to hold a pencil and crayon correctly
  • Know how to hold and cut with scissors
  • Count to 10
  • Say the ABC's
  • Recognize common Nursery Rhymes
  • Know how to follow directions
  • Develop good listening skills
  • Clear and audible speech
  • Talk in complete sentences
  • Ability to take care of toilet needs 


Tips for Kindergarten Parents:

  • Read to your child every day! This is one of the most important and valuable things you can do as a parent
  • Always be positive about school
  • Visit the school before kindergarten begins so your child knows what to expect
  • Keep in touch with the teacher
  • Look at the daily work that your child brings home
  • Have a consistent schedule at home
  • Spend time with your child and talk with your child
  • Make sure your child goes to bed by 8:30 PM or earlier
  • Limit your child's time in front of the television and monitor what they watch
  • Be on your the teacher of your child's team
  • Establish a simple discipline/behavior plan and stick by it
  • Attend all school functions
  • Encourage your child to do things for himself/herself [tying shoes, buttoning, zipping a coat, etc.]
  • Teach your child to take responsibility for his or her own behavior
  • Teach your child manners and respect for others and personal property
  • On the first day of school, let your child ride the bus if he or she will be riding the bus during the year and, if you plan to bring your child to school, stop at the front door and let your child go to class by him/herself